Welcome to all users of the University of Bolton campus Libraries. The Library Refurbishment Communications Department (in other words the blogging team!) intend to keep you updated on everything thats happening with the merging of the Libraries.

This blog will inform you of plans as they happen (or we get them confirmed) as well as the more traditional mechanisms such as News items on our webpages (for the really important stuff) , displays and information screens within the Libraries.

Please use this blog to let us know what you think to our plans. There will be some specific questions which we’d like you to answer on here at times. Your feedback is really important to us and will influence the decisions we make. 

Chadwick Library Entrance Area

Here’s a picture of Chadwick Library taken in 2007.


3 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Dave Crompton Says:

    A very interesting blog, well done to those involved !!

    Look forward to updated info on a regular basis.


  2. Christian Chukwudolue Says:

    I love the idea of a new building for Students Union and Eagle365. It will brighten the view of the campus. Please keep up that good job

  3. Nicky Bridge Says:

    Its’ good to see at least one department from the University keeping us up to date with the move to Deane. Thank you! I’m a little disappointed that there have been little to no communications from the powers that be about the move – I’m a little nervous about it, going into my third year…!!!

    Its great to see you’re on the ball and getting ready for the move. I wish I was ready!!! (I’m soooo not looking forward to it…) I will be checking back often to see how the move is going…


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