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Chadwick Library Closure

April 29, 2008

We can now confirm that Chadwick Library will close to all users on Thursday 31st July at 5pm. From this time onwards all services will be delivered from the Library at Eagle with potential disruptions as previously indicated.


Library Services “At Risk” Periods

April 28, 2008

It is the intention of the Library to stay open throughout the summer. However, disruption is inevitable and closure may be necessary at short notice most probably for health and safety reasons. We have identified times when the services we offer will be affected and closure a possibility, in order to give as much notice as possible.
Throughout the summer period, especially after the exams, there will always be a potential for delays in services – access to stock, delays in retrieving stock from the store – and disturbances. We apologise for any inconvenience.

28th April – 26th September.
22 weeks, low disruption due to moving of furniture, areas will be cordoned off.

28th April – 1st May.
For a period of 4 days, medium delays in retrieving items from the book store.

21st – 23rd May.
For a period of 3 days, medium delays in retrieving items from the book store.

10th-20th June.
For a period of 9 days,  high potential of delays in accessing ALL Library hard copy stock and some closure possible within this period.

8th-18th July.
For a period of 9 days, high potential of delays in accessing ALL Library hard copy stock and some closure possible within this period.

1st – 15th August.
For a period of 11 days, high potential of delays in accessing ALL Library hard copy stock and some closure possible within this period.

28th-29th August.
For a period of 2 days, low disruption due to moving of furniture within the Library.

There may be changes to this programme at short notice. Any changes will be posted on this blog and also on our Library home page (

Moving a library! It’s all been done before

April 25, 2008

These three workers were employed to move book stock from the old Victoria Square library to the newly completed building on Le Mans Crescent in 1938 (now the home of Bolton Public Library).  We will be contacting Bolton Public Library to see if the hand carts are still available. If not will have to resort to plan B, using a removals firm!  

The picture was taken from the book “Memories of Bolton” published by True North Books, Halifax.

The image used here is from a copyrighted licensed work (see above) and the copyright is most likely owned by the photographer of the image.


The One Library Project

April 25, 2008

Visitors to Eagle Library may have noticed a new display in the issue desk area.

The One Library Display

The idea of the display is to let you the user, know all about the “One Library Project”. The One Library Project is what we have decided to name the work we are undertaking for merging of the two campus libraries.

As you can see the display is divided into four sections:

Here and Now, which shows you pictures of Eagle and Chadwick Library.

Summer, which gives you an idea of what will be happening over the summer, i.e. the building work which is taking place in the old textile hall and some of the book stock being moved into the store.

September, plans for the new social learning zone and library floor plans.

How can I keep up to date? Here we detail the various communication tools which we will use in the Library to tell you of the latest plans and developments.

Electronically- we will use the Library Webpages, and the Blog.

In the Libraries- we will use displays (like this), posters and notices.

Look out for announcements in other areas such as on news screens.

In conjunction with the display, we realise that some users may prefer to leave comments on The One Library Project in person rather than electronically (on this blog). We have therefore set up a special comments book and comments box for you to feedback to us on what you think to our plans.

Social Learning Zone and Student Union

April 18, 2008

We thought you would be interested in seeing a series of original 3D architect’s renderings of what the new Social Learning Zone and Student Union mezzanine level might look like. We say ‘might’ as often plans change. Please keep checking back here for further updates.

The Social Learning Zone looking towards the new Library entrance. The Library entrance area will be screened off from the Social Learning Zone to minimise noise intrusion.

Social Learning Zone looking towards the new Library entrance

A view towards the Student Union. The bar will be up on the mezzanine level.

Looking towards the Student Union

An elevated view of the Social Learning Zone.

The Social Learning Zone and Student Union

Front elevation of the former Textile Hall. This is the area currently covered with scaffolding.

(click the image to view a larger version)

Front elevation of the former Textile Hall

The New Eagle Library Layout

April 8, 2008

Most of the decisions regarding the reorganisation of the Eagle Library floor space to accommodate Chadwick Library book stock and equipment have now been finalised. In arriving at this layout the Library Integration Project Team have endeavoured to provide a balance between areas where you can study alone, work as a group or use PCs and scanners.
The new Library entrance will be through the mall in what will be known as the Social Learning Zone, this is an area with comfortable seating where you can get together in groups to chat about your projects and assignments and also take advantage of our wireless access service (TeleGeneration).
You can view the new Library floor layout by clicking the links below (they will open up as PDF documents). If you are not familiar with how Eagle Library looks now, click the link at the bottom of the list to see our current floor layout.

Books going into store

April 4, 2008

The first steps towards moving some stock into a Library Store are now underway. The Store will be adjacent to the University campus, at Eagle, and it will be a very suitable space – secure, dry and easily accessible to library staff.Some of our older shelves are being removed from the libraries, to be put in the Store ready for the books we are currently packing away.So far we have some 16,300 Chadwick books in crates ready for going into store and around 2,000 Eagle books. If you find a title marked up on the Library Catalogue as “In Store” this means that the title will be housed in the Store. Don’t worry though you can still borrow the item as we will provide a retrieval service for all items housed in the Store.

Holts Mill Opposite Eagle Campus 

The second floor of Holts Mill opposite Eagle Campus is being used as the book store.

Inside the store

The floor space within the store will eventually be filled with old shelving units from the Library to hold the book stock.