Books going into store


The first steps towards moving some stock into a Library Store are now underway. The Store will be adjacent to the University campus, at Eagle, and it will be a very suitable space – secure, dry and easily accessible to library staff.Some of our older shelves are being removed from the libraries, to be put in the Store ready for the books we are currently packing away.So far we have some 16,300 Chadwick books in crates ready for going into store and around 2,000 Eagle books. If you find a title marked up on the Library Catalogue as “In Store” this means that the title will be housed in the Store. Don’t worry though you can still borrow the item as we will provide a retrieval service for all items housed in the Store.

Holts Mill Opposite Eagle Campus 

The second floor of Holts Mill opposite Eagle Campus is being used as the book store.

Inside the store

The floor space within the store will eventually be filled with old shelving units from the Library to hold the book stock.


2 Responses to “Books going into store”

  1. ibrahim Says:

    I always enjoyed chadwick campus being away from the eagle building, it gave me a little break from the hectic eagle campus where there’s hardly ever any peace. I do not understand why Chadwick campus is being removed, the factory building is absoloutly apoorling and depressive, and I would certainly not enjoy studying there for the remainder of my time at the University of Bolton…I wonder ow many students share similar views.

  2. Shirley Says:

    I think Ibrahim has the wrong idea about the Mill. This will not be a place to study, but simply a store for the less used books and journals.

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