The One Library Project


Visitors to Eagle Library may have noticed a new display in the issue desk area.

The One Library Display

The idea of the display is to let you the user, know all about the “One Library Project”. The One Library Project is what we have decided to name the work we are undertaking for merging of the two campus libraries.

As you can see the display is divided into four sections:

Here and Now, which shows you pictures of Eagle and Chadwick Library.

Summer, which gives you an idea of what will be happening over the summer, i.e. the building work which is taking place in the old textile hall and some of the book stock being moved into the store.

September, plans for the new social learning zone and library floor plans.

How can I keep up to date? Here we detail the various communication tools which we will use in the Library to tell you of the latest plans and developments.

Electronically- we will use the Library Webpages, and the Blog.

In the Libraries- we will use displays (like this), posters and notices.

Look out for announcements in other areas such as on news screens.

In conjunction with the display, we realise that some users may prefer to leave comments on The One Library Project in person rather than electronically (on this blog). We have therefore set up a special comments book and comments box for you to feedback to us on what you think to our plans.


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