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Where have all the books gone?

June 30, 2008

Many of them are now in the Library at Eagle Campus or on loan. Over 50,000 books have been moved to Eagle Library from Chadwick over the past two weeks and there are around 8,500 items on loan from the Library at the time of writing this post.

As we are merging two libraries into one, there will not be space for all of the books in the new Library, the rest are now in the Library Store. Books from both libraries, which had not been borrowed in the last few years have been put into Store – there are over 40,000 of these. All these books are marked on the library catalogue as “In Store”, and if anyone needs to consult or borrow any of the books they can be retrieved using our Store Requests Service. Please ask a member of staff for details. Copies of low-use back journals are due to be put into the Store next.

Chadwick Library users may have noticed the empty 800’s area that once contained Literature (inc. Creative Writing) and History books (see the picture below). All these books have been transported up to Eagle Library to be re-shelved there. Some of the shelving units have been reassembled in Eagle Library and some are being used in the Library Store. This leaves Arts, Education, Film Studies and DVD/Video stock to move over the next month. As always please check this blog and our Library home page for further updates on the moves.

The empty 800's area in Chadwick Library

Part of the 40,000 plus books waiting to be shelved in the Library Store (Holts Mill) 

Part of the 40,000 plus books waiting to be shelved in the Library Store (Holts Mill)

Shelving units within Holts Mill



Access to the Library

June 27, 2008

Please can all users note as mentioned in a previous post, that on Tuesday 1st of July we will be moving the entrance to the Library. From Wednesday 2nd July the entrance to the Library will be from the bottom of Eagle Tower Staircase (T1). This will be the entrance until the building work is finished.

Change of date to Library Services “At Risk” periods.

June 18, 2008

Please note that we have had to change the date when we will move the Issue Desk to the Information Desk area.

We will move the security gates and the service to the Information Desk on Wednesday 2nd July. From this date, the entrance and exit to the Library will be through an alternative door. This is located at the bottom of Eagle Tower Staircase (T-Block). If you are unsure where this is, there will be clearly marked signs directing you.

Please also note that there may be disruption within Eagle Library over the coming days, especially in the quiet study area at the back of the Library.


Closure of Eagle365 for the summer

June 10, 2008

We have received the following message from Sara Burgess, Head of Student Services.

Can all students please note that as part of the Eagle Buildings development work the 365 Room is now closed for the summer. Alternative computer facilities are available 9am-5pm in Eagle library, though access may be distrupted at times due to building work. However, the computer lab ‘Pine’ will also be open on T2, Eagle Tower during these hours. And computers within the Design Studio are also available to students 9am-5pm.

A new 365 Room will open in the autumn as part of the new Social Learning Zone.

Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Sara Burgess
Head of Student Services

Live view of the construction work within the SLZ

June 5, 2008

Our Networks team have set up a webcam pointing directly into the Social Learning Zone from the current Library Issue Desk. Click the link below to view live pictures of any construction activity taking place.

Please note that the camera is only accessible from computers within the University of Bolton.


Library Services “At Risk” Periods

June 3, 2008

The high risk period previously advertised as 10th-20th June has now been changed to 17th-27th June.

During this period there will be a high potential of delays in accessing ALL Library hard copy stock and some closure possible within this period.

Any further changes will be posted on this blog and also on our Library home page (